What should I wear? Wear loose, comfortable clothing, such as tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Yoga is practised in bare feet, but please bring socks, a jumper or sweatshirt and a blanket for the relaxation session.

If you don't like to practice in bare feet you can wear special yoga toe socks which have sticky pads on the bottom.

Do I need any equipment? The only equipment you need is a yoga mat and a blanket. There are some spare mats for those who are trying it for the first time, but once you have made a decision to continue the classes, it is helpful if you can bring your own mat.

How much does it cost? The drop-in price is £6 per class, or can buy a card for £25 which is for 5 classes, which makes it £5 per class. The card is valid for 3 months, so there is no need to commit to five weeks in a row.

If for any reason the classes are not running, there will be a notice on the home page of this website.

Please note, there are no classes on bank holidays.

Am I fit enough?

Everyone has a different idea of fitness. However, the classes are relatively gentle and the vast majority will have no problem with the class. As a rough guide if you are able to walk upstairs briskly without getting out of breath you should be fit enough for the classes.

Am I flexible enough?

You do NOT need to be flexible to attend the classes. Yoga is not competitive, and you are encouraged to listen and respond to your body, working to your own level, in a supportive environment. However, regular practice is likely to increase your flexibility. Yoga involves sitting, standing, lying flat and kneeling. If this is likely to cause problems for you, please contact Jane prior to the class.

Can I come on my own?

Of course. About half of the students come alone.

How long are the classes?

The class lasts for an hour and a quarter. An hour of exercise and 15 minutes of relaxation.